Designing Pocket Business

Pocket Business is one of the amazing brands under the Makers Mob umbrella. It’s sole purpose is to give anyone the confidence that they can create their own online business no matter their situation.

A business that looks big, but small enough to fit in your pocket.

Let’s Be Super Unserious

No brand in Makers Mob takes itself too seriously, but Pocket Business had the chance to be different because it’s main audience were those people working 9-5 jobs who didn’t feel they had enough time to build their own thing.

Had the chance…

Here is a typical Pocket Business image.

Um, this makes no sense. A brand that’s about helping people build an online business and it has images like that.

So what gives? A big problem that people have with building an online business is that they get in their own way.

They take everything so serious the point that they forget that building a business is akin to being a kid. You have to experiment a lot to see what works without the worry of failure.

If all of the images on Pocket Business were serious and professional, it could lead you to believe subconsciously that it’s how things work.

With these wild images you get the impression that if this brand can make money and show you how to do things, then maybe you don’t need to take every single aspect so serious to the point you get nothing done.

The images are meant to help you get out of your way.

Design Small

While you don’t always need to take the name of anything as literal when designing it, it felt like it made sense that the site itself should feel small.

The only difference between the mobile and desktop versions is the navigation. Other than that, what you experience on desktop is what you experience on mobile because the design should only be big enough to fit in your pocket (phone).

That also meant a ton of whitespace on the sides when viewing on desktop but this is helped by the very colorful imagery that continues to pull your eyes back to the content.

The Reading Experience

As with all Drooling Sloth designs, priority was placed on the reading experience. This was especially important for Pocket Business because the site itself acts as a manual for people who want to build their business.

That means a lot of reading.

Kavoon was chosen for headings and Chivo for the body text.

Kavoon was an interesting choice because it feels fun. Again, this goes against the typical branding style of a site in this niche but the font is intended to make the site feel more inviting.

Chivo is a perfect complement and provides for a great reading experience even at smaller font sizes.

A Simple Color Scheme

Pocket Business probably has the simplest color scheme out of all of the Makers Mob brands.

  • Black
  • White
  • Red

You’ll find other random colors sprinkled around here and there in the text such as orange and yellow, but there are only 3 dominate colors throughout the site.

This is done to counter the very color imagery that is being used along with the bright highlighting of important sections of content.