What Is the Purpose of Design?

If you already know the gist of this page and are ready to purchase your new site design then click the button and let’s get poppin’.

Forget for a moment that you want a beautifully designed site that you get to show off to people and let’s focus on what you want your site to do.

Your site represents your business and you’re in the business of making money. Money is the oxygen for your business. Without it, it doesn’t survive.

So your site design should help you make money. It shouldn’t get in the way. It shouldn’t make people wonder how they can give you money.

The purpose of design is to get people to take a specific action.

The more people that take the action that you want, the more successful the design. That’s what really matters to you. If your goal is to get compliments then you’re looking for art, not design.

But I Love Beauty

That doesn’t mean beauty doesn’t matter to me. It definitely does, but beauty doesn’t mean adding more while sacrificing clarity.

It’s cool that you have things flying around on your site, but how cool is it the 2nd visit?

Using 5 different fonts looks pretty cool but becomes a pain in the ass to read. Your people are looking for the BUY NOW button but can’t find it because they’re trying to read that wonderful script font you’ve selected.

Designs That Convert

My only goal is to create designs that convert. Designs that get out of the way and let your copy shine so your site can do what it’s supposed to do.

Make you money.

What I Do

I don’t have a list of services because I only offer one service for one price.


I will design a WordPress site that’s made just for you. I will design 6 pages that can be used in multiple ways.

  • Home
  • Blog
  • Blog Post
  • Services
  • About
  • Contact

Delivered in 7 business days.


How It Works

After you make a payment you’ll be sent a form to fill out with the required info that I need to come up a with design that fits your needs.

Once the form is submitted and you’ve provided copy (the content that goes on each page) for some of the pages then the countdown begins. If you need help with the copy we can provide that as an add-on service.

You’ll be able to make one set of revisions.

Secure Your Design Today

If you have any question simply email me at scrivs@pocketbusiness.com.