How User Experience Optimization Makes You More Money

Putting a focus on user experience optimization adds more money to your pocket.

Did that get your attention? Good.

In today’s online world one of the most important things for your business is keeping the attention of your audience. And nothing pushes people away faster than a poor user experience.

The best the user experience is optimized, the better your numbers will look at the end of the month. But what does it mean to optimized the experience and is it possible to over-optimize things?

Let’s find out.

The Goal Is a Single Action

For the purpose of this article the user experience we’re talking about optimizing is around websites, not apps. Apps are a completely different ballgame.

When talking about websites it’s important to understand that each page should have one main action that you want the user to take. What you will find is that many websites try to optimize a ton of different actions which causes the user to take none of the actions.

For example, the main action that I want you to take with this page is to read the article. Anything else that I do that takes away from that experience makes it less likely that you’ll complete the action.

But this is a website so shouldn’t I want you to buy an offer or sign up for a mailing list? Yes, that can be an action that I would like for you to take, but that is a secondary action.

The secondary action can happen after the primary action is complete. So if you go through and finish this article then chances are you’ll see that I try to get you to sign up for a mailing list (or buy an offer). The secondary action takes place after the primary as to not get in the way.

This is why we hate pop-ups ruining the experience for us. We are trying to do a specific action and here comes a pop-up to interrupt things.

It sucks.

So before you start to optimize anything, think about the primary action of the page. It doesn’t mean it is the only action, but what is the primary action that will lead to the user taking any secondary actions that you want?

Point A to B

Now that you have the goal in mind the next step is to find the obvious path for the primary action.